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SYRIZA, Brussels, and the Battle for a People’s Europe

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It’s not a matter of chance that the EU’s deepest crisis coincides with the greatest challenges the Left in Europe has faced for a generation. The battle-lines between the neoliberal European project and the continent’s progressive movements are being drawn right now, and suddenly anything seems possible.

While the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund join forces with conservative governments of every stripe to enforce Greek economic destruction — and regime change — SYRIZA’s courageous struggle gives us all a shocking foretaste of the storm of establishment backlash that awaits any progressive movements capable of knocking on the doors of real power in Europe. The true agenda of the EU establishment is being exposed more clearly than ever before: How did it come to this? Where might it all lead? And how is Europe’s Left shaping up for the fight?

Three top-level international speakers will discuss these and other aspects, followed by an interactive round-table discussion:

Alex Kypriotakis Weijers, SYRIZA Youth in The Netherlands: What exactly is SYRIZA, and how did they manage to organise and mobilise to challenge the very foundations of the EURO? And what will the referendum result mean for the government, SYRIZA itself, and the broader Greek left?

Dennis de Jong, Member of the European Parliament for the Dutch Socialist Party: How is this deeply ideological battle being expressed within the structures of Europe itself, and what chances offer themselves for the genuine left — both old and new — on the European parliamentary and governmental level?

Dick Nichols, Barcelona — Veteran International Journalist, expert on European left politics: How are Europe’s progressive forces — from Spain’s new Indignados movement to established parties of the far left, and everything in between — responding to today’s enormous challenges and opportunities? What can we learn from each other? And what might the main elements of a coordinated response be?

SYRIZA, Brussels, and the Battle for a People’s Europe: Friday July 10, 20:00 — 22:00 (open from 19:30). Location: Gaffelstraat 61B. Free entrance. In English.

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